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KAU :about

Most apps could not be possible without the collective efforts of other developers and their libraries. It’s always nice to give credit where credit is due, but it’s not always at the top of ones agenda. About Activity aims to fix that by preparing a beautiful overlay activity that does just that.

About Activity Gif

The overlay is heavily based off of the about section in Plaid, and adds on the power of About Libraries to automatically find the dependencies.

This activity can be easily added by extending AboutActivityBase. Everything is already prepared, but you can modify the theme or other components through the config DSL or through the open functions.

If you wish to add custom panels, you will need to implement AboutPanelContract. The most common usage is with a recyclerview, so there is a simplified class AboutPanelRecycler that you may extend as well. Note that the viewpager by default will keep all panels in memory, so it’s best to not have too many pages with expensive interactions.

You may easily launch the activity through the binder:


where T extends AboutActivityBase

Be sure to include the activity in your Manifest and have it extend Kau.About, or any other style that achieves the same look.


Without auto detection, KAU about will retain the classes containing the lib strings by default. If you use proguard with auto detect, make sure to retain all R classes to make it possible

-keep class .R
-keep class **.R$* {