Frost for Facebook

An extensive and functional third party app for Facebook

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Note Some keystores are public for the sake of automatic builds and consistent signing across devices. This means that others can build apps with the same signature. The only valid download sources are through my github releases and F-Droid.

Frost is a third party Facebook wrapper geared towards design and functionality. It contains many features, including:

Frost is the only third party Facebook app to have:

Test builds can be found here. Note that these builds occur for every commit, including unstable ones. Typically, those merged into master are stable, and those merged into dev have been tested.






Frost depends on translations crowdsourced by the general public. If you would like to contribute, please visit here. Note that this project heavily depends on KAU, which also needs to be translated here.

Special thanks to the following awesome people for translating significant portions of Frost!

Language Contributors
Arabic Faris Sabaahdmed.devMohammed Qubati
Chinese (Simplified) Zhengang
Chinese (Traditional) StanAttackyipinghuangjpssBrLiАртём Х. МестныйJulio M.
Czech Richard JandaMisat11
Danish mhtorp
Dutch ItGuillaumemsoehnchenT.T.just_a_tech
French Vincent KulakJean-Philippe Gravel
Galician Xesús M. Mosquera
German Bushido1992Marcel Soehnchen3LD0mi HA
Greek stathism27
Hungarian János ErkliBálint Csurgai-Horváth
Indonesian M. Angga Ariska
Italian Bonnee
Korean 잇스테이크
Norwegian Julian Madsen
Polish MrocznypantinPL
Portuguese EkzosSérgio MarquesFrancisco Fernandes
Portuguese (Brazilian) TheusKhan
Romanian Drăgan Florin OvidiuMarian Bailescu
Russian Eugene TareyevVitali BlFelix Fester
Serbian vuklozoNikola RadmanovićM23
Spanish Jahir FiquitivaNefi Salazar
Swedish ArtswitcherHenrik Mattsson-Mårn
Tagalog Cryptoffer Translator
Thai Thanawat Hanthong
Turkish upvotelifeKardelen Sepetçi
Ukrainian Таня ДелікатнаВадим Жушман
Vietnamese AlienzNguyễn Thành NamVolodymyr Lisivka

The full activity stream for the translations can be found here